Frontier Toyota
23621 Creekside Road
Valencia, California 91355
Phone: 661-255-7575

Here is what I wrote to Frontier toyota and toyota motor corp.These people are very deceptive and would buy somewhere else so you don't get ripped off by them.customer relations manager never contacted us sales manager did.I thought I was talking to the Customer Relations Manager. A gentleman named Bob Corson is who I talked to, and he is not the Customer Relations Manager, he is Director of Sales. Me, and my wife and I bought a 2010 Sienna from Frontier Toyota. This is the second Sienna from Frontier that we have bought and sadly it will be our last if this is not resolved. (We had originally considered purchasing the Sienna from [another dealership], because they actually had our first color choice, but we chose to go to Frontier since we had been customers before). This was a horrible experience for us as we are struggling very bad in this economy. We were told we were getting a new six speed transmission all new for this year. Being that we live 30 miles away, I called and talked to KB on the phone telling him that we were looking to purchase a Sienna. When we got to the dealership, even though KB was there, he sent Leon to talk to us. KB didn't come out until we were considering not making the purchase. Leon said over and over again on how great the six speed trans is. Second, we made a deal for invoice on the Sienna, which I had even discussed with KB over the phone--otherwise, we wouldn't have made the 30 mile trip with our two kids if it looked like it wouldn't happen. I told KB I would never buy a car at msrp and that I wanted it for invoice like we talked about on the phone. When figuring out the deal, he wrote it down for $28,500 and he said that was invoice. Now mind you we had been at your dealership for over 2 hours with a 3 year old and a 5 year old, and we were completely burnt out by the time we were to sign the contract, and KB and Leon said they would get us out of there asap and that we just needed to sign the contract and then we would be good to go. So I did not think I had to completely read over the contract because I trusted Leon and KB--we just thought we had to sign and then we could go so we could take the kids home and put them to bed since it was so late by then. We didn't even have the car yet, as it was being brought from another dealership. We went the next night to pick it up. Because it was Christmas Eve, we felt very rushed when we got there (no one had informed us that the dealership was closing early), and some of our accessories were missing (the two pairs of wireless headphones and the remote for the DVD player). We went straight from the dealership and drove right to my parents' house to celebrate the holiday. My dad asked to see the contract. He noticed that we paid msrp, and I told him, no we paid invoice, which was $28,500. He said, "Didn't you read the contract?", and I said, "No they told me I was getting the Sienna for invoice." He was right they charged me msrp, so my fault is trusting your sales men! I was upset. I told him that the sales man had also told us that it was a six speed transmission, so we went to take a look and see if that's true. Guess what? It's a five speed. So I do some research on the internet and guess what--invoice is $27,500 according to and there is a 2011 coming out in little over a month and that's the Sienna with the six speed transmission. Now I don't have a problem with keeping this 2010 Sienna but I have a problem with being charged msrp on a vehicle that is going to be a late model in a month and is supposed to be a six speed transmission if I am to believe what the sales man told me. I talked to Bob Corson today and he wants to give me the platinum warranty, which I don't want or need because I have owned 7 Toyotas in my life and never had a problem with any of them. So he offers me $500 in accessories. I am sorry, but Toyota's invoice and Edmunds invoice on this 2010 Sienna is $27,500 so there is a difference of $300, so what is the true inoice? I am willing to take $2000 in accessories if the invoice is $27,500 that would mean a $1000 profit for Frontier and a $1000 over what we should have been charged. Let's make this a win-win situation not a lose-lose. I want to recommend your dealership to family and friends and I want to be happy in knowing I received a fair deal. I want to be able to buy another car from your dealership in 3 to 4 years. But if you're not willing to work it out, all I can say is we all lose. I don't understand how this dealership feels it is justified in charging us msrp? Secondly they would still make a $1000 profit to what is described above and everyone could be happy. Are they so greedy that they want to lose a loyal Toyota customer forever? Read Yelp on their dealership and read Yahoo reviews on their dealership-- they are not good. In fact, most all are 1 star.We all can't be wrong. I love Toyota vehicles, but this experience tells me not to buy Toyota anymore. If Toyota has no say on how their dealerships conduct business and are not honest with their customers, then I won't be buying Toyota anymore. And yes, I was lied to by Frontier-- my wife and I know what they told us. I'd rather get nothing and have my integrity intact--unlike Frontier.

Complaint filed with Toyota. Toyota Response: "We have no say in what our dealerships do they are independently owned." If they have no say why are they even involved if they can't do anything about their dealerships when they wrong customers buying their products.I will never buy from toyota again unless this was resolved.I can't give business to a company that gives lip service and nothing else when they have the facts in front of them.

Mark Stewart

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