Earl Stewart Toyota of North Palm Beach
1215 U.S. Highway 1
Lake Park, Florida 33403
Phone: 561-845-6681
Toll Free: 800-378-5111

I received an email out of the blue very early this morning from someone claiming to be Earl Stewart himself. Apparently, Mr. Stewart was upset that Mr. Lang had written a complaint about Earl Stewart Toyota of North Palm Beach, but rather than respond to Mr. Lang's complaint Mr. Stewart decided to threaten me with legal consequences and to insult me further by alleging that I am a victim of mental illness.

It is always good when Toyota dealers show their true colors and demonstrate that they are generally not nice people, but rather hateful and petulant personalities devoted to self worship. To say that Earl Stewart is a complete douchebag would be an understatement. The world doesn't revolve around Earl Stewart and if Mr. Stewart doesn't care about how his customers are treated then that says a lot about him both as a person and as a Toyota dealer.

I easily found a picture of him on the internet, he apparently holds himself in high regard. In his blog, On Cars by Earl Stewart, he describes himself as "a symbol" and proclaims that "Everyone wants to meet me". That sounds like a pretty vain and self-absorbed personality; I certainly don't want to meet anyone as hateful and self-centered as Earl Stewart.

In the picture on the left Mr. Stewart is holding a book written by Lexus Dealer Carl Sewell, "Customers for Life", claiming that it is an inspiration to him. I would suggest that he read Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People" instead, taking a less detestable and offensive approach to dealing with people. If Carl Sewell's book inspired Earl Stewart to be uncouth and discourteous to strangers I would throw the book away.

For someone who spends as much time and effort building up an online presence by touting himself as a consumer advocate, it doesn't seem to be the mark of an intelligent person for him to show his true colors by contacting someone he has never met simply to be foul-mouthed and bad-mannered. That's not really what people look for in a consumer advocate. Perhaps Mr. Stewart's time and effort would have been better spent trying to contact Mr. Lang and addressing his complaint rather than being a hateful douchebag about the matter.

Not only does Earl Stewart Toyota suck, but Earl Stewart himself is a complete douchebag. I hope he enjoys threatening and insulting people. If I were looking to buy a Toyota in Lake Park, Florida I would avoid Earl Stewart Toyota like the plague.

Anyone as hateful and insincere as the person who contacted me this morning doesn't deserve your business.


Complaint: One of my accident cut a wire on a Tundra at the fire wall. Toyota would not release the code to bypass the start circuit. The truck went on a flatbed $150.00 to Stewart Toyota Lake Park Fl. Even after we told them what was wrong and the ecm needed to be replaced they charged 4 hours to remove 4 screws, pull 1 plug and stick the key in and start the truck. The invoice? $500.00 labor $950.00 parts

John Lang

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