Headquarter Toyota
5895 NW 167th Street
Miami, Florida 33015
New and Used Sales: 800-549-0947
Service - Bodyshop: 305-364-9800
Parts: 305-364-9888

this is the worst experience I ever have with a car dealership. headquarter toyota located on 57th ave and the palmetto on miami lakes. I came home in tears after I spend the whole afternoon at the dealership. little over 2 weeks ago i sign a contract in which I left a deposit of a 1000.00 dlls. with one of the managers of that location with the condition that he will keep my car for a period of three weks while I resolve a problem that i have,I wanted on writing,he said he was a man of his word but he signed it anyway.. I call the dealer several times to assure him I will pick up my car by monday,17,2010. last saturday I came to check on the car because I didn't see it on the parking lot as I drive thru after work and the dealer couldn't find it either,I went to the manager Francisco Pintado and asked him where was the car and he told me it was in the back been washed because they get dirty on the lot outsid. for some reason I didnt believe either one and ask the manager to check on the computer,he said it was there,he even told me that my name was Nubia Agudelo I asked about the miles and he told me that the computer said it was 21,000 miles,I told him I will paid it in full on monday. Monday I called my dealer as he asked me to,and told him I will pick it up in about 2 hours. when I got there he went to bring the car,the same color toyota corolla. it didnt seem right to me,I sit in the car,i didn't remember my car having wood in the interior, and turn on the key and then I found out they were trying to make me beleive it was the same car but this one was a 2006 with 41,000 miles ant they were trying to make me believe it was the same.. I was furious and as I approach the manager they were trying to confusing me,my dealer telling me that it was a better car and finally they told me that they sold the car I left a deposit for. I told them until saturday that they were selling me a hunday 2010 for the same price of their car but I have my word and I sign an agreement that I will come back for this one. to make me feel better they told me they will give me a better one for the same price but as I looked at them they were all more expensive and they could not reduce the price and they already make me loose the sale of the hundai because when i called the other dealer it was gone. I was so upset and they came with a 2009 toyota corolla that I didn't even like the color but I wanted to get out of that nigthmare,I noticed that the tires on the back were pretty worn out but mostly on the outside,I suspected something,I asked them to give me the history of the car and I find out they were trying to give me a car that it been on an accident after they told me they dont sale that kind of cars in Toyota dealer that the cars with accidents they send send those to carmax. I was so upset,they offered me a camry for the same price and I accepted it but after about 2 hours of deliveration with mr.Martinez they told me that it was more expensive and they couldn't give it to me,that if I dont like nothing and all they have was from different years back year and most of them with about 40.000 miles they could give me my money back. I call all the managers,they hardly pay attention to what i was telling them,they keep trying to confusing me about the fact that they were trying to commit fraud with me and telling me that the dealer was just showing me that car and not trying to make it look like it was the same,Mr.Pintado knew what they were doing taking advantage that Im a woman and in my vocabulary that is descrimination because Im sure they would have not try to do that to me if I come with a man.. Tony Martinez told me that if I didnt leave they were calling the police but I told him that it was not necessary that I will call them myself, Pintado and couple of the guys just laught at me but when the police came I asked them for a case number that I intent to persue. I called couple more managers but they insisted in confusing me and telling me that the salesman was just been nice enought to show me the other car,as a coincidence the same make,model and color. I understood they were not doing nothing to help me or repair their accion. I asked for the copy of the contract in which mr. Pintado sign that he will keep my car for three weeks that now he say I'm lying that he said 2 weeks,but they refuse to give me a copy which they said they destroy after a customer leave. Im hurt, humiliated, I feel discriminated as a woman,if I come with a man they would have never have the nerve to make me believe that that older car was the one I left a deposit on. and I'm going to pursue this to the end,I will send copy to the Attorney general,better business bureau,the department of human resources and business regulation,7 on your side, and whoever else I can find. this is fraud and they make me loose my deal in the other car,they say I dont like anything else but what they are trying is to give me older cars that been in accidents, with almost the same mileage of my trade car,and the worst is that they lie and try to change the whole story right on my face telling me that I got my money and thats all they can do. I been in this country for 30 years and nobody ever tried to take advantage of me in that way.

Nubia E. Agudelo

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