Continental Toyota
6701 South LaGrange Road
Hodgkins, Illinois 60525
Phone: 888-219-5079
Sales: 888-219-5079
Service: 888-219-5108
Parts: 888-219-5103
Collision Center: 888-537-5513

Dealer charged me 120.00 for a diagnostic. I was stuck after I couldn't drive the car back from them cuz of the outrageous diagnostic fee. The other dealer is only 50.00. No consistency amongst toyota dealers in price. Then the dealer told me my appointment was at 10:30am. The car got in around 1:00pm. AFter a couple of hours trying to chase down someone to tell me what was wrong with my car I called the general manager of the dealership. He was nice and told me he would update me. After 8 hours of chasing around people I was very frustrated I told him. He called me and told me that it is not an easy problem to find. Although there service manager told me the 120.00 fee is worth it with them cuz they know how to find the problem. Then he tells me it could be a bad ecm, or a fuel pump, or a fuel injector. He said he would keep me updated. He told me I would have my car back that night though and I wouldn't be without a car. Then I get a call about 8:00 at night saying that my car has a bad ecm and a bad fuel injector #4. I asked how this all happened with only 52,000 miles on the car. He claims it could be a bad tank of gas. I said how could one tank of gas if it was bad cause all this. Are the computers that fragile that it could throw everything out of wack. He said it happens. I said well I don't think a car with only 52,000 miles should have all these problems. He said well the ecm was covered under the warranty but I would have to pay to replace the fuel injector. He goes into how it was all these hours of diagnosing the problem that could have been like 500.00. I told him I was told it was 120.00 for diagnostics period. He said oh we aren't charging you for all that making it seem like I am getting a deal. He tells me he is charging me 120.00 for diagnostics plus 165.00 for the part, and 120.00 for labor. Altogether it's like 420.00 he says. I told him I am still bothered that my car has these problems at 52,000 miles. He tells me how lucky I am that the ecm is covered under warranty. I looked up a technical service bulletin Toyota put out on the ecm's in 2005 to 2007 corollas. So they knew there was a bad batch of ecm's all along before I was sold the car. I bought the car brand new. And the service superviser told me If I get something fixed they will take all or part of the diagnostic fee off. I reminded the general mangager of continental toyota of countryside illinois this and of course now it is the full 120.00 for this. I called toyota to complain and ask for an appointment with a factory representative. They said you have to go through the dealership for that. Well the dealership tells me they don't have her schedule and she only comes in once a month. I asked when they would find out and they said they don't know cuz of the holidays. I said well you sure are selling cars today, but you can't handle my complaint in getting me an appointment with the toyota representative. I called toyota and was given nothing but the run around. I am disgusted with this company. The dealership gives you nothing but bogus stories and excuses that are made to think they are doing you a favor. Well I am going to contact the better business bureau about this. I am also going to let everyone know about my experience with toyota. I will be taking them to small claims court next over this. Do not buy a toyota, especially a corolla or a Camry. They are built so cheap and the slightest thing causes problems with them easily. And toyota corporation does nothing to help the consumer. I can see why toyota has done the worst this year in it's sales record. I think they will be out of business very soon at the rate they are going. I should start a support group for Toyota customers so we can all gather and share are bad experiences with this company. Toyota cars are not at all what they used to be. They used to be known for their reliability and stability. Nowadays they are made so cheap and they are nothing but garbage.

My response from Toyota was they can't do anything about it and only documented my complaint. They have yet to resolve the situation. Do not buy a toyota product. You will be sorry. The company will do nothing if you end up buying a lemon. And Continental Toyota of Countryside Illinois will just overcharge you and act like they are doing you a favor.


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