Team Toyota of Highland
9601 Indianapolis Blvd
Highland, Indiana 46322
Sales and Service: 800-930-6191

How one local Toyota dealership seemingly handles inquiries concerning "Safety Recalls." My Recommendation, don't ask too many questions or you may end up in their version of the Vegas Back-Room: minus the physical beatings of course. All a Toyota Customer wanted to know is how they missed his family vehicle's recall information for months? It is after all, important to the self-preservation of our families! On May 13th, 2010, I entered Team Toyota in Highland around 3:30 pm for service on my "safety recall" and an oil change. I was concerned and in disbelief that my vehicle was a recall, as my wife and I proactively engaged our local Team Toyota to assure us that our car was fortunate enough not to be recalled. We get oil changes roughly every month to month in-a-half, for our outrageous family trips and job locations. We were always assured everything was fine. However they somehow missed it and in the end we felt we were owed a logical explanation. Perhaps they never cared to begin with, or perhaps they did not bother to actually look up our VIN numbers (After-all on many occasions when their service team was asked to look at an issue they rarely followed up or investigated customer concerns..I have evidence of repairs done hours after their lies that backs up this claim) any case a letter received a week ago confirmed the false assurance we were always given by TEAM TOYOTA. I felt we were owed a logical explanation, and when they could not provide one at the service counter, I was politely coaxed by Jay Cheeks, a manager to be escorted to a Vegas-backroom, minus the physical beating, to be belittled, yelled at in psychological verbal intimidation and confrontation, to make one feel inferior. I thought I was going to be shown something logical as he was seemingly so polite. However, as soon as I entered that room the door was slammed shut, visibly angered Jay Cheeks unleashed his true intent, he was upset that my comments may be heard by other customers of the "safety recall." I assure anyone that although I look Mexican, I am not an illegal and could not be scared by his demeaning attitude. I am an American citizen, a 6 year vet where I performed special duties that was inclusive of nuclear training, for my service I am now college educated and have never been in trouble. I was threatened with a police escort but in the end no calls were made, as I assure you they were more upset than I ever was. Due to no grounds for police escort, I realized that in the end they were upset for my questioning attitude in their "safety recall." They were upset because the subject matter I brought up might scare off other listening or eavesdropping customers and they had no professional answers. Upon entering Team Toyota that day, I was totally unaware of the situation until I was harhsly and sternly told to "SHUT UP" and to "SIT DOWN." I was told to never speak of this in what they considered their 'home' or I would consider their customer lobby. In the end their concern was more for the potential money-making customers that were walking in, than for the prior concerned customers who were involuntarily trenched in with Toyota's "Safety Recall." Leaving me with no answers, their only answer was an unprofessional intimidation tactic of shock and awe, and a belittling tone of what I'm sure is Toyota Propaganda... "We do not lie at Toyota."...I am positive now that they do it everyday & all the time... since it so strongly evoked such a response. They care very little for your safety, your family, the involuntary time you take to get these repairs, economic and monetary de-valuations and only for theirs and what they consider their FUTURE POTENTIAL MONEY MAKING CUSTOMERS...As I was noted as I was leaving "its too late now buddy, this is personal". I realize that they do not know that I am simply a customer. Mind you this employee, lazily assured me in the past "you are not a recall."

I am seeking an apology from Team Toyota for this offensive behavior. A letter mailed to my home from corporate Toyota assuring us that when my mother, my sister, my brother, or any of us that we value goes into Team Toyota that this doesn't happen again. Attempt to Diversify Team Toyota with knowledgeable and concerned professional employees. Jay Cheeks crossed the line and should be investigated. Service employees on the computers should not be looking at offensive or inappropriate material when customers walk in. Lastly apologies should be a standard for their HUGE, HUGE mess up. It is an inconvenience and holds little weight if the people in the commercials and in the media show concern, but is only backed up by the employee ignorance to the reality. I, the customer, am here not because I want to be here, but because YOU MESSED UP.

S. N.

Team Toyota sold me a 2006 Avalon knowing there was a recall on this vehicle WHY? This car should have never been sold under these conditions. In January, while visiting my mother in a Wisconsin hospital the valet driver experienced the car mat getting stuck under the accelerator and was smart enough to through it into neutral, I would not have know to do that and was very nervous in driving the car back to Indiana.

Rico Porter

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