Boch Toyota
277 Boston Providence Highway Route 1
Norwood, Massachusetts 02062
Sales: 888-321-6631
Parts: 888-331-2131
Service: 888-358-6231
Schedule Service Appt: 866-563-2624

I sat down with sales reps in the morning and was looking to lease a scion xB and left a deposit on the car. I came back later that day to look at car again with a family member and come to find out the car I had put a deposit on no longer had a radio in it and the dashboard was all scratched up. The next day I called to get my deposit returned and was told the entire team was off that day and no other sales reps could help me. I was also hung up on twice then sent to someones voice mail after being on hold for several minutes. I drove down there to get m deposit back only to find the manager unhelpful and not apologetic for this experience at all. Very disappointed in Boch Toyota. I will not be returning.


i bought a rav4 ask the sales guy about a 3rd row seat he said they don't make a rav4 with a 3rd row seat i took his word. 5 months later my neighbor shows me his rav4 with a 3rd row seat, i go back to dealer ship and they tell me i gotta trade my 2008 rav4 for another 2008 rav4 with 3rd row seat and pay them $6000.00 dollars for a mistake that the sales guy made. i feel they told they didn't make it, so they should be liable. i would have bought the one with 3rd row seat the 1st time i was there!!!!!!! they treated me very badly, made me feel like i was at fault, didn't offer any apology. they knew they where wrong and fast ball me to order a new car. i'm very unhappy with boch toyota and would never, ever, ever, EVER buy another car from them or even from toyota.

wayne cournoyer

I have been overcharged (for labor) for water pump replacement for 2003 Toyota Camry. A total amount of $739.44 was charged for water pump replacement. This includes $461.95 just for labor. I understand that, toyota labor estimate is 1 hour 30 minutes and I don't understand how the dealer shop can charge this ridiculous amount. Appreciate, if some one can look into the issue.

Venkat Puttigampala

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