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when i took my car for recall today (1/25/2012) i figure might as well to get state inspection done, so when i received call from rep stating that the main driving belts needs to be replaced, also power steering fluid system adn emmision system needs to be serviced as well, so i give permission to repair, with 10 mins i realize it was pricy repair, so i called the rep back to hold off and send me the breakdown, the rep respondce was they alreay started the work, so i told him to replace the belts only( $220.00,) and he said ok. when i went to pick up the car, the bill was more than $520( this was after t he 20% discount, so i went spoke to a manager, their responce was im sorry you authorized the service, you have to pay or i am not releasing the car. i showed the manager the phone log from my cell phone( i called back with in 8 mins after i authorized initially. and it was ignored, the rep lied about what i told him.there was clearly unauthorized repair and this place refuse to acknowledge it. i need my car everyday so i had no choice but pay for it. i just want to let every Toyota/scion owner know to be aware of this dealer.

Bo Chen

I am depress after my 2012 Highlander repaired by Bay Ridge Toyota, Inc. They charged new parts price in my invoice but placed back the old parts to my car. The difference is polished and painted. They did very bad job too, the paint pop out. I found out the old scratch mark was still there. (I parked my car on my driveway, the ups accidentally did a scratch when they delivered package to me before the car accident.) My vehicle only hit a street sign not a big accident. The passenger side bumper, fend er and headlamp were scratch. The paint came off only. I sent it to the above dealer for repair. Mr Michael Scarpa, the service director estimated my car $2227.88. Without bargain, i accepted the price because the guy promised to offer all new parts by Toyota to replace on my car, also he promised couple days I can picked my car and do oil changing for me. The day four, he replied, " the new parts arrived, we are waited for your insurance to inspect the car, we found out more damage" After more than ten days, I was informed to pick up my car. After I paid $2227.88 and came home, I found out my dealer was not honest when they provided service. The replaced parts are all original parts from my vehicle. The painted job was very bad. I emailed Michael Scarpa right away, he ignored my questions in his email. So I had to went back the dealer's shop. Mr. Michael let me wait for two hours, then three more guy came. They insisted the parts were new they had nothing to do with my questioning and refund. When my aunt who accompanied me there questioned them the old scratch mark and the pop out painting they yelled to her to shot up. Then Michael told us to wait, he said my car needs oil changing. At the end, what I had is ignorance from Bay Ridge Toyota.

I was promised Bay ridge Toyota would respond me within 4 business day. Now is two weeks, no one calls or respond me.

Xue Ping Guan

About 3 years ago my 2005 Toyota Prius started making an intermittent noise from the driver side of the engine. At my next scheduled maintenance I mentioned it to the dealer, Bay Ridge Toyota in Brooklyn, New York. They looked it over but couldn't locate the problem and didn't do anything about it. I took the car to Wappinger Falls Toyota in Wappinger Falls, New York for a second opinion but they didn't hear the noise either, however, they told me about the coolant pump service bulletin and explained that my pump is operational but would replace it anyway. The next day the noise returned. I'm not the type of person to make a big stink, so I thought if the pump is operational I could live with it. Last Tuesday I took the car to Bay Ridge Toyota because the Maintenance Required light on the dashboard was on. I asked them to look into the noise one more time, again they didn't hear anything, but only this time I insisted on a drive with the mechanic, and after 5 minutes the mechanic heard the noise. Finally, I thought, the problem is solved. Well, not really. The manager informed me that it was the coolant control valve, and the repair would cost around $60 for the part plus labor. When I ask about the warranty, they said my warranty has expired. Not only that, they spent more time looking up the dates of my complaints in order to say they are not responsible, than actually trying to locate the noise. I don't have a problem with the cost but I lost complete faith in their ability to do any work for my car. I don't think they care about the inconvenience it caused me to take the car in multiple times all those years to different dealers. They showed no concern and no customer service whatsoever, and the not-our-problem attitude in light of Toyota's recent public relations fiasco with the Prius was very surprising. Toyota's reputation for quality and customer satisfaction couldn't have disappear any faster, I saw it with my own eyes.

Terry King

On Saturday, 4/25/09 around 2:00 PM, my \"check engine\" light came on as well as the vehicle stability control (VSC) and TRAC light warnings. I was still able to drive it the same day and even drove it from Brooklyn to New Jersey and back (over 60 miles) on Sunday. As I was driving to work on Monday in Long Island (about 26 miles) I called Bay Ridge Toyota to schedule my vehicle to be brought in the next morning, Tuesday at 6:30 AM. About 3 miles away from my work place, the vehicle did not accelerate. I immediately pulled over to the curb, shut the car, waited a minute and started the vehicle again. When I put it in the \"D\" gear for drive, it still did not accelerate. When I shifted into gear \"4\", it was able to accelerate so I drove it to my work place. I did not want to drive it back to Bay Ridge Toyota in fear of the vehicle \"conking\" out in the middle of the highway so, I looked for a local Toyota dealership in Long Island and found Millennium Toyota, which was only about 3 mile away from my office. I called them up and told them of my problem and they told me to bring the car in for a diagnosis. Since the car was only 2 years old, it was still under the factory warranty. I called AAA tow truck services to have my vehicle towed from my office to Millennium Toyota. When I got there, I dealt with a service adviser named Frank Pantaleone. He said he would check the car out that day (Monday) and call me to let me know the problem. He called me back in about 2 hours and asked if I had recently purchased gas for the vehicle. I told him that I did, when I was in New Jersey on Sunday. He then said that I may have purchased some \"bad\" gas which may have damaged the fuel line. He stated that, if this is the case then, the vehicle is NOT covered under the warranty and the repair costs would be \"out of pocket\". I then told him that the warning lights all came on BEFORE I purchased the gas AND that I was able to drive over 60 miles with the lights on. He sounded surprised and said he would check with the technician again. From there on out, I felt that they were trying to wiggle there way out a warranty issue so they can charge more. He called me back towards the end of business day and said they were still diagnosing the car and needed another day. I did not feel comfortable with this dealership at all so, on Tuesday morning, I decided to pay the $101.00 diagnosis fee and pay another $200.00 to have my vehicle picked up from this Long Island Toyota dealership and brought to the Toyota dealership in Brooklyn. I figured that that's where I originally purchased the vehicle so, they should take care of me better, right? WRONG! I called Bay Ridge Toyota and spoke to a person named Ray who said he was my service adviser (He did not give me his last name). He said to bring the vehicle in and that he would take care of me and check the car out and let me know what the problem was. The car arrived Tuesday (4/28) afternoon about 4:00 PM and I met with Ray. He said he could not check the vehicle out that day because it was too late and the techs leave at 5:00 PM. I told him that was fine and to let me know tomorrow, what the diagnosis was. Ray called me back on Wednesday morning and said that there was a fuel injector that was "misfiring". He said that he received the OK from Toyota to replace the "bad" fuel injector meaning that it would be covered under the warranty. I was relieved. He said they ordered the part and that it would arrive the next day, Thursday. They then would install the part and call me on Thursday for the status. Ray called me on Thursday morning and said that another (2) fuel injectors were bad and it was most likely caused by "bad gas" in the tank. He said that since it might be bad gas that, the repairs would not be under factory warranty. He quoted me a price of $1,100.00 to repair. I was definitely, not happy with this and believe that they got in contact with the other Toyota dealer in Long Island to collaborate their stories so this doesn't "bite them in the ass" if they had 2 different diagnosis. They then proceeded to order the parts and on Friday, will start to install the (2) bad fuel injectors and let me know the status of it on Monday (5/11). Ray said he felt bad that I had no vehicle for all those days and the weekend that, he would try and get a loaner car for me to use for the weekend. I haven't heard from him after that conversation on Friday and did not get a loaner car. On Monday (5/4), Ray calls me in the morning and said that they installed the (3) new fuel injectors and it is working but now the other (3) fuel injectors are now bad too and would need to be replaced. I was totally upset and said, how can you first diagnose a vehicle and say that there's only (3) injectors bad and it will cost $1,100.00 then, turn around and say that (3) more injectors went AFTER you replaced the (3) new ones and upping the cost to $2,300.00. Could these 3 have been damaged by the dealership and making the client pay for it. What am I supposed to do now? Say not to do the other (3) bad injectors, pay the $1,100.00 and have my car towed to another mechanic to fix? I felt tricked into fixing the car and them wriggling there way out of a warranty repair. When my wife and I went down to the dealer to speak to Ray on Thursday (5/7) at about 6:00 PM, he was not available so we spoke to another gentleman by the name of James. We explained to him the situation but he was well aware of our situation. He said he was present when they were working on my vehicle. We told him we were not happy with the handling of the diagnosis and the price of $2,300.00. We asked him, "Why did they find out the other (3) injectors were bad only after installing the (3) new injectors?". He said that it sometimes takes time to get bad. My friend who is a mechanic and has been working on cars for over 20 years, says that it does not take 60 miles to damage a fuel injector with bad gas. It would happen within 5 miles or 10 minutes of driving. I also asked James, "When you tested these newly installed injectors and found that the other (3) were bad, did you already take out the "bad" gas and test it with new, untainted gas?". He said, "No, because we didn't want to take down the tank and drain it if it wasn't a "bad" gas problem." I then proceeded to ask, "If you tested the (3) newly installed injectors with the "bad" gas, aren't they damaged now?" and he couldn't answer me and changed the subject. So, I come to the conclusion that either: 1) There never was any bad gas in the vehicle and they did not change all these injectors, fuel filters, spark plugs and whatever else they claimed to have changed and perhaps just fixed a minor problem that would have been covered under the 3-year/35,000 mile factory warranty. Instead just making all this stuff up about "bad" gas and knocking me out of the factory warranty coverage just to over-charge clients and make a penny or two in this suffering economy. 2) Perhaps there may have been "bad" gas, giving them the benefit of a doubt, and there was 1 maybe even 2 bad fuel injectors when they initially diagnosed it. Testing the newly installed fuel injectors while using the same "bad" gas is pretty ironic and defeats the purpose of putting in new injectors. They may have damaged the other existing fuel injectors as well as the newly installed ones. How do I know now, that if I drive my vehicle, that the new fuel injectors are not going to fail on me again because the bad gas was used to test them. Does not make any sense at all. That is why I am writing this complaint and following through with a possible lawsuit. Thank you for your time.
They will have a visit from Fox 5's Arnold Diaz in the near future and my lawyer!

Mike C.

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