Toyota of Fort Worth
9001 Camp Bowie West
Fort Worth, Texas 76116
New Car Sales: 800-926-0754
Used Car Sales: 800-926-0815
Service: 800-926-0757
Parts: 866-295-8384

When I bought Toyota Tacoma (access cap,) in 2006, the finance person of the dealership asked me to buy the extended warranty, too, saying that I could get the money back at pro-rate basis, if I want to cancel it. The warranty was 7yr 100,000 mile warranty and costed about $1300 before finance interest. However, about a week later of my purchase, somebody told me that I made a mistake to buy the warranty. He told me two reasons: firstly, trucks were built much sturdier than sedans that trucks actually did not need the extended warranty and, secondly, I am not a construction worker at all. So I felt bad and strongly wanted to cancel it. So several months later when I visited the dealership, I told a finance man that I wanted to cancel the warranty. He replied rudely passing by me, I could only get the left amount after the pro-rate. At that time, he told me that the warranty started from right the day I bought the truck although I had the full factory warranty. Sadly, my previous other experiences of pro-rate system taught me that I could get only much less money because the sellers usually deduct many fees. So I did not cancel it at that time. But, I felt bad again that the finance guy did not disclose that information when I bought it. After it, several times, I tried to use the warranty, but, every time without any exception, the servicemen told me that the services that I requested were not covered by the warranty. So I felt the warranty was like a bad joke. About three months ago, I re-contacted the dealership on the phone and said my disappointment to two finance guys at the dealership. In the middle of hot conversation, a guy told me that I could have canceled it within a month without paying any penalty!!! I asked him back "Why didn't you tell me that information when I bought the warranty?" He answered back "Why do we have to say it. We sell the warranty. Anyway, we told you about pro-rate. So we told you all that we should have told. Why didn't you read all the prints of the contract before you sign up? That information is there." I told him back "If so, why did you tell me about pro-rate. If you told me nothing, I should have read it. By your giving me selective information, you actually deceived me. I, as a good-willed customer, just believed you." After that, he just repeated that I should have read "all the fine prints" of the contract before I signed up. Right there and right the moment, I felt they purposely deceived me and cheated my money. So I told them I want to talk to your supervisor. He told the supervisor was not there and would come back several days later. He also told me that he would give my message to him and the supervisor would call me back when he returned. Now, after about three months later, I have not yet got any response from anybody of the dealership. I think they deceive their good-will customers for their dirty profit. I believe that this bad tactics of that dealership should be corrected for other good-willed customers. So I write this here. Hopefully, you be more cautious when you deal with the Toyota dealership named "Toyota of Fort Worth" which is one of many dealerships of "Sonic Automotive".

Paul Bae

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